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August 15, 1995


Sept. 1, 1993

A Lawrence woman alleges in Douglas County District Court documents that Hobart Jackson, a tenured Kansas University associate professor of architecture and urban design, had stalked her from Sept. 1, 1993, to Jan. 18, 1994, in violation of state law.

April 6, 1994

Jackson is served a complaint drafted by Assistant Dist. Atty. Christine Tonkovich, which states Jackson allegedly stalked the victim. He also receives a summons to appear in court in May.

May 18, 1994

Jackson is arraigned on a charge of misdemeanor stalking. He pleads innocent.

July 12, 1994

Jackson changes his mind and enters a plea of no contest to one count of misdemeanor stalking. District Judge Jean Shepherd finds Jackson guilty of stalking, which is automatic following a no-contest plea. She orders a pre-sentence evaluation of Jackson. He faces a maximum jail sentence of six months and a maximum fine of $1,000. Sentencing is set for August.

Sept. 2, 1994

Hobart's lawyer, John Chappell, files a motion to postpone sentencing, which is now scheduled for Sept. 19. Sentencing is continued to Oct. 28.

Nov. 2, 1994

Shepherd sentences Jackson to six months in jail and assesses $99.50 in court costs. She suspends the sentence and places him in an intensive community corrections program for two years. Jackson is ordered not to have contact with the victim and to seek therapy.

March 19, 1995

At 8:45 a.m., the victim observes Jackson in his vehicle in front of her residence. It is reported to police the next day.

April 28, 1995

About 1:45 p.m., the victim's caller ID shows a hang-up call was placed to her residence from Jackson's faculty office at KU.

May 5, 1995

District Judge Michael Malone signs an order stating Jackson failed to comply with conditions of his court-ordered rehabilitation program. He orders the arrest of Jackson, who posts $200 bond to get out of jail.

June 14, 1995

During a court hearing, Jackson stipulates he violated his community corrections program by continuing to stalk his victim.

Aug. 14, 1995

In a brief interview at his house, Jackson says he is no longer stalking the victim.

Sept. 27, 1995

Judge Malone is scheduled to rule on Jackson's violation of his community corrections program.

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