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August 13, 1995


In just about a week, you can enjoy your Journal-World with your morning cup of coffee.

The Lawrence Journal-World, which has been published for more than 100 years in the afternoon, will start a morning publication schedule beginning Aug. 21.

"The tradition is difficult to change," said Dolph C. Simons Jr., editor and publisher of the Journal-World. "But there comes a time when you must take a hard look at what's in the best interest of your readers."

The morning Journal-World will be packed with new features. And the newspaper will contain more pages and additional sections each day.

"We think we'll be giving our readers a broader and deeper news coverage," Simons said. "We're adding more features. We've increased the size of our newsroom staff. We have installed a new press. We're trying to ensure that we are indeed going to be giving our readers a better news product."

Among the many improvements throughout the pages of the Journal-World will be new comics, and more comics; new columnists on the editorial, business, sports and auto pages; more pages devoted to business coverage, including expanded daily stock tables; and more sports coverage, including more stories from the professional ranks.

On Thursday mornings, the Journal-World's new weekly entertainment magazine -- The Mag -- will be packed with information on music, the arts and gatherings, including the most complete calendar of nightlife, theater, museum attractions, festivals and gallery information in northeast Kansas. The deadline for submissions for the calendar will be moved up to noon Monday.

Each morning, for a period of time, the front page of each section will carry a guide to help readers discover what's new and different within that section.

The Journal-World will be delivered to subscribers' homes no later than 6 a.m. And the newspaper's press time of 1:30 a.m. is later than any other newspaper serving the area, which will mean the Journal-World will contain the latest possible news coverage for its readers.

Altering the newspaper's publication schedule came after very careful deliberations, the publisher said.

"With changing lifestyles and the unique features of Lawrence, it appears to us we will be serving our readers better and providing a better paper and more complete paper by converting to a morning publication," Simons said. ``... We've done a lot of study on this. We've been thinking about it for some time. It wasn't a quick, overnight decision."

Simons noted that Journal-World readers will have to make some adjustments after the conversion, just as members of the Journal-World staff must adjust to workday changes.

"There are many thousands longtime loyal Journal-World readers who look forward to receiving the paper in the afternoon and reading the paper in the evening hours," he said. "For some, it may be a difficult habit for them to adjust to."

During the past six months, Journal-World employee committees have worked to plan the extensive changes required for the switch to morning and the many content changes.

"I'm extremely proud of the manner in which our staff has tackled this project, and it's placed an added burden on them for many months in planning and executing this conversion," Simons said.

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