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August 7, 1995


Douglas County commissioners tweaked their 1996 budget this morning, to make it conform to state law.

Commissioners approved a draft budget that puts $4.56 million in projected sales tax revenues into the county general fund, rather than into a separate fund.

Officials had wanted to keep those revenues separate but state law requires the money to go into the general fund before being funneled into a separate account.

Voters approved the sales tax last year to pay for a variety of capital improvement projects. The county's portion of the revenue is earmarked for construction of the Douglas County Jail, half of the cost of building expanded health care facilities, and property tax relief.

The change boosts the general fund budget from $11.76 million to $16.32 million.

Commissioner Jim Chappell said he wanted to emphasize that the even though the sales tax revenues were being budgeted into the general fund, the county would not be spending them for operations.

``The increase is basically a housekeeping situation. There is no increase of $4.5 million in spending,'' he said.

A corrected version of the budget was published Sunday and the annual budget hearing will be held Aug. 16, as planned. The hearing will be at 6:35 p.m. in the Douglas County Courthouse, 11th and Massachusetts.

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