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April 25, 1995


The Kansas Board of Regents recently approved a recommended list of faculty for promotions and tenure at Kansas University.

Recommendations for promotion or tenure normally originate at the department, school or division level. Reviews of each candidate are made at several levels, including the vice chancellor for academic affairs, the executive vice chancellor and the chancellor, before being forwarded to the regents for consideration.

Here is a list of those faculty members granted tenure and receiving promotions at KU:

Lawrence campus

Full professor

Ralph Byers, mathematics; Tom Engler, chemistry; Liane Davis, social welfare; Stephen Goddard, art history; John Head, law; Lee Mann, design; Steven J. Maynard-Moody, public administration; Barbara Romzek, public administration; Steven J. Sanders, physics & astronomy; Barbara Schowen, chemistry; Gregory Simpson, psychology; Bala Subramaniam, chemical & petroleum engineering; Beverly Davenport Sypher, communication studies; Doug Walker, geology; Kim Wilcox, speech/language/hearing.

Associate professor

Omofolabo Ajayi, theatre & film/women's studies; Byron Alexander, entomology; Joseph Anderson, theatre & film; Monica Biernat, psychology; Lisa Bitel, history; David Braaten, physics & astronomy; Rosemary Chapin, social welfare; Marc Greenberg, Slavic languages & literatures; Mary Lynn Hamilton, curriculum & instruction; Mary Lee Hummert, communications studies; Naihuan Jing, mathematics; Nancy Kinnersley, computer science; Ben Leimkuhler, mathematics; Diane Loeb, speech/language/hearing; Gwendolyn Macpherson, geology; Charles W. Marsh, journalism; Sanjay Mishra, business; David W. Petr, electrical engineering & computer science; Barbara Phipps, curriculum & instruction; Kevin Price, geography; Catherine Schwoerer, business; Higath Sivan, history; Iris Smith, English; Val Smith, environmental studies/systematics & ecology; Marylee Southard, chemical & petroleum engineering; Ray Taghavi, aerospace engineering.

Courtesy associate professor

Todd D. Williams, medicinal chemistry.

Librarian II

David Pardue, libraries.

Associate scientist

Janis A. Bulgren, Center for Research on Learning; Evan Franseen, Kansas Geological Survey; Todd D. Williams, medicinal chemistry.

Senior scientist

B. Keith Lenz, Center for Research on Learning; Mark Mathews, human development & family life; Ricardo Olea, Kansas Geological Survey; Fusao Takusagawa, chemistry; Donald Whittemore, Kansas Geological Survey.

Initial Appointment

Jonathan Clark, British history; Robert Hemenway, Chancellor, English; Leonard Krishtalka, Natural History Museum and systematics & ecology.

KUMC Campus


Lauren Aaronson, School of Nursing; James Delmore, ob/gyn (Wichita campus); William F. Gabrielli Jr., psychiatry; Vincent Gattone II, anatomy & cell biology; Steven B. Gollub, medicine; Joan S. Hunt, anatomy & cell biology.

Clinical professor

Federico Adler, surgery; John Hunkeler, ophthalmology; Stephen R. Smalley, radiation oncology.

Research professor

W. Dale Horst, psychiatry & behavioral science (Wichita campus).

Associate professor

Kirkman G. Baxter, radiology; George C. Enders, anatomy & cell biology; Timothy J. Hall, radiology; Jean P. Hubble, neurology; Sarah Johnston, medicine (Wichita campus); Helen B. Lovell, pediatrics; Richard L. Meisel, ob/gyn (Wichita campus); C. Don Morgan, psychiatry & behavioral science (Wichita campus); Scott Moser, family medicine (Wichita campus); Kenneth M. Payne, medicine; Peggy A. Sellner, anatomy & cell biology; Edward L. Siegel, radiology.

Clinical associate professor

James Anderson, medicine (Wichita campus); Martha U. Barnard, pediatrics; Michael Grant, medicine (Wichita campus); King Y. Lee, ophthalmology; John P. Murphy, surgery; Phyllis L. Steer, anesthesiology.

Research associate professor

William S. Harris, medicine; John G. Wood, surgery.

Assistant professor

Mary C. Boyce, family medicine (Wichita campus); Perri Cagle, physical therapy; Brenda K. Taylor, medicine (Wichita campus); Marla Ullom-Minnoch, family medicine (Wichita campus).

Clinical assistant professor

Timothy B. Cavenaugh, ophthalmology; Katherine A. Fletcher, School of Nursing; Timothy J. Harkins, ophthalmology; Sara S. O'Connell, ophthalmology; Thomas Reals, medicine (Wichita campus); Denise Sherman, medicine, (Wichita campus).


Mark S. Austenfeld, surgery; Joan S. Hunt, anatomy & cell biology; Timothy J. Hall, radiology; Jean P. Hubble, neurology; Ken Kallail, family medicine; James D. Kindscher, anesthesiology; C. Don Morgan, psychiatry & behavioral science; Kenneth M. Payne, internal medicine; Peggy A. Sellner, anatomy & cell biology; Edward L. Siegel, radiology; Ronald L. Torline, anesthesiology.

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