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April 24, 1995


In the valuation guide that the Journal-World printed, the Lawrence Riverfront Plaza Factory Outlets was listed as having a valuation of more than $14 million last year, yet it has a valuation of zero this year. Why is that?

The Lawrence Riverfront Plaza Factory Outlets valuation was combined with the valuation of the adjacent city hall parcel that's also owned by the city of Lawrence, said Marion Johnson, Douglas County appraiser.

"We're now valuing buildings, even though they're owned by someone else, on the landowners' parcel," he said.

The valuation on the nearby city property rose from $654,840 last year to $15,723,520, according to the valuations published in the Journal-World.

Lawrence Riverfront Plaza Factory Outlets is exempt from taxation anyway, Johnson said, because it was built with industrial revenue bonds.

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