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April 4, 1995


Recent subfreezing overnight temperatures in the area haven't cut the lives of many flowers, plants or trees, a local gardener said.

"There's been some frost damage, but that's something that happens in Kansas," said Ann Peuser, owner of the Clinton Parkway Nursery & Garden Store, 4900 Clinton Pkwy. "It's nothing that's going to kill the plant."

Frost damage can kill new leaves or knock back flower buds, but Peuser has noticed little actual damage to plant life because of the wavering cool-warm-cool weather hitting Lawrence this spring.

"Most of the stuff has just hung in there," she said.

Pear trees have lost more buds than other varieties, Peuser said, but it would take a true cold spell to wreak havoc on magnolias, geraniums and other flowers and plants across town.

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