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September 20, 1994


KU and city planners are considering construction of a bicycle path extending from Clinton Parkway to 15th Street.

The development road remains bumpy for a proposed city-financed bicycle trail near Kasold Drive on property controlled by Kansas University.

Dave Corliss, assistant to the Lawrence city manager, said today that city officials had asked KU for permission to construct a one-mile paved bicycle path extending from Clinton Parkway to 15th Street.

So far, university officials haven't approved the project.

The proposed route would cross about one-half mile of property owned by the KU Endowment Association.

"We see from our traffic, pedestrian and bicycle plans that a north/south access would be very appropriate in that part of the community," Corliss said.

KU officials stalled the project until a $77,000 campus traffic study could be completed in about six months by the consultant firm of BRW Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.

"We've just selected a traffic consultant as part of our long-range planning effort to look at all areas of transportation on campus," said Allen Wiechert, university architect.

He said consultants would help KU identify areas appropriate for off-road bicycle paths and bicycle lanes on the streets.

"The bottom line is we're going to wait and see what the study tells us," Wiechert said.

Corliss said the 10-foot-wide bicycle trail would run along a drainage creek on West Campus. The $257,000 project would be paid for with a federal grant the city received in April.

He wasn't certain if a delay caused by the traffic study would place the city in jeopardy of losing the grant. It appears the city can retain the funds at least two years.

"What we're trying to do is merge their (KU) long-term interests and the community's interests," Corliss said.

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