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September 19, 1994


Transportation 2020 will give federal, state and city officials a map for spending millions of dollars on transportation projects during the next 25 years.

It's everything you've always wanted in a transportation plan.

And more.

Wednesday night, city transportation officials and consultants will open their ears to the public's complaints, needs and desires on the way to writing the county's first comprehensive transportation plan since 1971.

The public meeting will give people a chance come up with their own solutions for transportation problems in Lawrence, said Fred Sherman, the city's transportation planner.

Sherman and engineers from JBM Engineers & Planners, the city's $115,000 traffic consultants, will come to city hall armed with up-to-date traffic information, then will look to the public for answers.

"We'll say, `Here's the stuff, take it and come back to us with ideas,' " said Sherman, who will help draw up the plan."

In the end -- actually, by Dec. 18 -- the Transportation 2020 plan will offer a road map for improved highways, new bike paths, expanded public transportation systems or anything else the public deems appropriate for the next 25 years.

"This is going to be the key decision-making tool for transportation projects: new roads, intersection improvements, new bicycle paths, new underpasses," Sherman said.

Wednesday's meeting kicks off the formal process toward writing the plan, which will take a long-range look at all transportation needs, systems and services in Lawrence and Douglas County.

During the meeting, officials will explain the planning process, hand out detailed charts and graphs analyzing current traffic patters and needs in Lawrence, then allow people to ask questions and write down their own observations and ideas for possible inclusion in the plan.

Written comments also may be mailed to Sherman, at city hall, by Oct. 13.

Wednesday's meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. at city hall, Sixth and Massachusetts.

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