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September 1, 1994


Are pre-teen bicyclists ever ticketed for traffic violations on the streets of Lawrence? If so, how often? And if not, why the heck not? In my experience, kids disregard traffic laws quite often here.

Lawrence police Sgt. Rick Nickell, police spokesman, said children are rarely, if ever, cited.

"Normally, the appropriate response would be to stop and try to educate children about the traffic laws and the danger they're putting themselves in by violating those laws," he said.

If problems persist or if a child is putting himself or herself in an extremely dangerous position, he said, police would notify the child's parent. As a last resort, he said, police could seek juvenile prosecution against a child.

Nickell said that because they don't drive, pre-teens don't know traffic laws as well as teen-agers and adults. He urged motorists to be extremely cautious around children on bicycles.

"They're playing, not thinking about traffic laws," he said.

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