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October 4, 1994


KU students are satisfied with most services on campus, except parking, according to a survey.

Two of three Kansas University students are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with parking on campus, but most students are pleased with classrooms, health services, entertainment and other aspects of student life.

At least that's what a KU survey conducted in the spring shows. The survey results were included in a KU long-range planning task force subcommittee report.

The Journal-World last week obtained copies of the reports, which officials in KU's office of capital programs have refused to release.

The university sent out 1,000 surveys to students; 384 were completed enough to use in calculating results. The survey rated 14 aspects of campus life.

"Parking, by far, is the one major area where most respondents were clearly dissatisfied," the report said. "This is not surprising, as it is acknowledged that parking on this campus is a major problem."

Several students walking to their parked cars this week agreed.

"I fit under the `very dissatisfied' category," said Stacy Woody, a fifth-year senior from Wichita, who was parked in Lot 94, near Memorial Stadium. "They need more parking up on campus."

Nearby, freshmen Kevin Beck, Chris London and Tony Fonk were getting into Beck's car.

"It's just ridiculous," Fonk said of the lack of parking close to classes.

"When you're going up to Strong Hall or Wescoe, climbing that hill, it's a brutal haul," Beck said.

KU Parking Director Don Kearns said he hadn't seen survey results, but said a parking consultant has been working with the university.

In addition to parking dissatisfaction, the survey indicated that only 39.1 percent of students were satisfied with on-campus housing.

"This deserves attention," the report said.

Ken Stoner, director of student housing, said he wanted to know how many of the students surveyed actually lived in on-campus housing but added, "It's very useful information -- it gives you some benchmarks to move from."

Gould-Evans Associates, a Lawrence firm, has been working on preliminary plans for upgrading residence halls since June, he said.

In the survey, students were asked to rate aspects of student life on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being very satisfied and 1 being very dissatisfied.

The survey also had a section of written responses.

Students in that section asked for more free concerts, more facilities where they can eat and study, and a parking garage.

"The students would like more and better," said Edward Zamarripa, director of finance and administration, and chair of the planning subcommittee.

The subcommittee and KU's office of institutional planning and business research conducted the survey.

"By and large, students were satisfied with facilities," Zamarripa said. "But they wanted more recreation space, especially at Robinson (Health and Physical Education Center)."

Students also were concerned about maintaining green space on campus and, "were not opposed to reducing traffic on Jayhawk Boulevard," he said.

Zamarripa said he wasn't surprised with results concerning parking.

"That's a problem on every campus," he said.

The survey may be incorporated in formulating KU's long range master plan, expected to be completed next year.

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