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October 4, 1994


Baldwin-area residents may have to find an alternate route to Lawrence during repairs to a section of Douglas County 1055 next year.

Frank Hempen, county public works director, will ask the Douglas County Commission to decide whether the road should remain open while repairs are made, which would cost the county about $10,000, or whether saving that amount would justify the inconvenience of closing the road.

The commission is scheduled to discuss the matter when it meets at 6:35 p.m. Wednesday in the Douglas County Courthouse, 11th and Massachusetts.

The commission also will choose a contractor for an energy conservation project for the Judicial and Law Enforecement Center, a matter that was deferred from Monday's meeting. The conservation project, which is intended to save the county $40,000 a year in energy expenses, would cost at least $280,000.

The stretch of County Road 1055 that will be repaired is about one mile north of Baldwin. Hempen estimates that the road, which runs between Baldwin and Vinland, is used by 2,200 to 2,500 vehicles daily.

Hempen said a 500-foot temporary detour has been in place about a year, since a small section of the road's east lane slid into a creek that serves as a tributary to Coal Creek. The county proposes to build a retaining wall to shore up the road bed and then to rebuild the road in its former location.

Bids on the project will be let in December, with work scheduled to begin early in 1995, said John Young, assistant director of public works.

Hempen said the repairs would cost $230,000 and take 104 days if the road remained open. Repairs made with the road closed would cost $180,000 and take 66 days.

The project will be completed with 80 percent federal funding, which makes the county's cost differential $10,000, Hempen said.

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