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November 30, 1994


I'm curious about the word ``morphin'' as in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toys. I looked up the word in the dictionary, and it means morphine. When I told several people the meaning, they didn't agree. Even my own son didn't agree. Is the dictionary's definition right or wrong?

Forget any evil connotations unless you're thinking of the ultra-evil Lord Zedd.

The name Morphin on the Bandai Power Rangers toys refers to ``morphing,'' which comes from the word morphogenesis, a branch of zoology that studies the structural changes that occur as an organism develops.

The six toy Power Rangers do indeed ``morph'' -- that is, they change from ordinary teen-agers hanging out at the mall into amazing crimefighters who, between bites of Big Mac, save Earth as we know it from such creatures as the wicked Lord Zedd. He is the boss of all bad guys and makes monsters to destroy the world.

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