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November 23, 1994


A Lawrence woman is helping Gov.-elect Bill Graves' fill hundreds of state jobs that will open up when he takes over in January.

Looking for a job in Gov.-elect Bill Graves' administration? Then you should contact Judy Krueger, a Lawrence woman who has been appointed as Graves' secretary of appointments.

"Our goal is to meet the governor's objective to put the best qualified people to serve in his administration," said Krueger, who was working this morning in the governor-elect's transition-team office in the Statehouse in Topeka.

Krueger, who served as Graves' campaign manager, has been fielding telephone calls and going through resumes since the transition office opened for business last week.

"The day is filled with people calling, and we have over 300 resumes for different positions," Krueger said. "As we near the second week, we're averaging about 100 resumes a week."

Krueger said the emphasis would be on finding Kansans for positions. And although most of the key posts will probably go to Republicans, Graves hasn't ruled out putting some Democrats in important positions.

"We are looking for the best-qualified people," she said. "We want to fill positions as quickly as possible. But we want to ensure that we've done a thorough search."

Besides the paid, unclassified state employee positions, there are hundreds of unpaid slots to fill on state boards and commissions.

Key positions to fill are the governor's Cabinet, which consists of the heads of the state's major agencies, such as the departments of revenue, corrections, social and rehabilitation services, administration, transportation, commerce and housing, and aging.

Before joining the Graves campaign last year as campaign manager, Krueger worked for seven years for the U.S. Small Business Administration in Kansas City, Mo., as a regional advocate for Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska.

Before that appointment, she worked for the state as intergovernmental liaison, and provided coordination and information on funding and regulatory changes to small businesses.

She and her husband, Nelson Krueger, live at 4308 Wimbledon Dr.

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