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November 20, 1994


A Kansas University faculty member has joined a statewide panel studying crime.

Max Heim, professor of educational policy and leadership, will serve as leader of the Koch Crime Commission's Schools Task Group. Schools are among 17 focus issues the commission is studying.

Heim said Saturday that his first order of business was to help select candidates for the group. He said he hoped the group would begin meeting in early January.

"We're probably going to be looking at school violence and such things as drop outs and that type of thing," he said. "What we'll be trying to determine is: A.) what incidence of it is, and B.) what other people are doing about it. Then we can make some recommendations of our own."

Heim has served as director of the Kansas Commission on Education Restructuring and Accountability and has been superintendent of schools in Junction City, Hutchinson and Independence. He was a professor and dean at Mississippi State University and was an administrator and teacher in Olathe, Emporia, Manhattan, Colby, Clifton and Gorham.

Lawrence has other connections to the group, including Jerry Wells, who last week announced he would resign as Douglas County district attorney to serve as the commission's general counsel, and Lawrence Police Chief Ron Olin, who heads the Individual Behavior Task Group.

The crime commission was established by Gov. Joan Finney in February to examine crime problems in the state, assess crime reduction and prevention alternatives and make recommendations to state leaders. Wichita businessman William I. Koch chairs the commission.

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