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November 19, 1994


The rivalry between Kansas University and the University of Missouri is a family feud on game days for a set of Overland Park twins.

They may seem identical on the outside -- both have brown hair and green eyes.

But on the inside, there's a major color difference: one beams gold and black; the other bleeds crimson and blue.

"They are identical as can be when you see them," said their father, Phil Malone. "But they really don't have identical personalities."

And that will be evident when Holly and Hope Malone get together today at Columbia, Mo., to watch the annual Kansas-Missouri football clash.

Holly, a Kansas University junior majoring in English, said she'll face the lonely task today of being a Jayhawk in a family den of Mizzou fans.

Her father, Phil, a 1969 University of Missouri graduate, is a big MU supporter. He even has two MU flags, one gold and one black, hanging in the windows of his Overland Park living room.

Her mother, Raylene, is an MU alumna. Holly's 15-year-old brother, Matt, is a rabid Tiger fan. And her grandparents went to MU.

Then there's Holly's twin sister, Hope.

Hope, an MU junior who wants to teach French, is not only a big MU sports fan, she was a Mizzou cheerleader last year.

"Yeah, there's a rivalry," Holly said earlier this week. "In my family it's all MU. ... I get made fun of for being a 'hawker' -- that's the joke."

Hope, the MU twin, said she likes to tease her KU sister. And they play up the rivalry when they get together on KU-MU game days.

"She wears her red and I wear my gold," Hope said. "The rivalry isn't huge. I still like her. I don't hold it against her too much. ... She's the black sheep."

Holly takes the teasing in stride.

"I'm the black sheep of the family coming to KU," Holly said, laughing. "But I don't think that necessarily makes me evil. I just wanted something different."

Holly and Hope, who graduated from Shawnee Mission East High School, had spent much of their time growing up trying, as many twins do, to establish separate identities, their father said.

"One of the situations when you're an identical twin is people are walking up to you and saying `Are you Hope?' or `Are you Holly?' or `Are you twins?' By the time they were seniors in high school they had put up with that enough so they wanted to go their own separate directions," Phil Malone said.

But it doesn't mean that they aren't very close.

"They talk to each other three times a week on the phone. I know because I pay the bills," he said."When they come home, there's some friction, but they still have a deep-seated love for each other."

Phil said the family has a lot of fun with the rivalry.

"Last year, Holly made the huge mistake of coming home and watching the KU-MU basketball game here," he said, chuckling. "It wasn't fun for her."

But Holly is ready to be true to her school today.

"I don't think I'll be singing the MU song," she said.

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