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November 2, 1994


To the editor:

We have not seen any solid evidence that a second high school would provide a better education.

"General statements for a second high school are: more opportunities for extra curricular activities; less overcrowding in the hallways and parking lot; etc. All this for only an extra $20 million; nearly another $20 million for interest and a minimum yearly cost of $800,000.

Classes will not be smaller. Some classes will be dropped. The best educational opportunities and most cost-effective method of solving these problems is by expanding or creating a mid high-senior high at the existing facility. Reasons for this decision are:

NO additional land cost.

NO duplicate facilities, such as cafeteria, library, reception area, laboratory, gym, sports complexes, etc. This will greatly reduce building costs.

NO duplicate equipment costs, such as library books, cafeteria furniture, laboratory equipment, gym and sports equipment, etc.

NO additional basic fixed utility costs. Only the additional utility energy used.

NO duplication of administrative personnel. Money would be used to hire additional teachers for more educational opportunities.

NO duplicate indirect labor. There would be no need for another complete staff of janitors and maintenance personnel at a separate facility.

NO additional transportation costs to move people between two facilities.

NO future potential socioeconomic equity problems.

These eight NO FACTORS are the major reason to vote NO.

In business, you don't base a decision to build a duplicate facility only a few miles away, to have fewer employees at the existing facility, provide employees more opportunities to participate in company extracurricular activities such as city league, baseball, bowling, golf, etc.; provide more parking spaces, and less crowded hallways.

We encourage voters of USD 497 to evaluate the second high school bond issue just as a family or a successful business would review their options.

A NO vote will encourage the school board to effectively solve existing problems. Let's provide the students the best educational opportunities for the least cost.

Joe and Ila Takacs,

1621 Alvamar Dr.

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