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June 9, 1994


A goal of the Horizon 2020 strategic plan should be to make housing available in Lawrence for a variety of income levels, the Horizon 2020 steering committee decided Wednesday night.

The steering committee, which has been meeting weekly to review and revise the plan, consolidated goals in the budding strategic plan for low-, middle- and high-income housing, said Jean Milstead, the steering committee chair. Horizon 2020 is a strategic plan to guide land use and economic development in the city and county for the next 25 years.

The committee also reworked language deemed by some to be offensive, Milstead said.

"There was quite a bit of attention to the public comment we had received on the use and choice of words," she said. "Some found the term disadvantaged to be offensive, and I agree."

The steering committee also discussed the issue of property maintenance, said Sheila Stogsdill, an assistant city planner.

"How do we as a community encourage people to maintain property without penalizing them," she said. "Once a property looks better, the taxes go up. We don't know how to balance that."

The steering committee will complete the neighborhood section of Horizon 2020 and begin reviewing the goals for commercial and retail development at next week's meeting.

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