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July 31, 1994


Political candidates were required to file lists of contributions and expenses with the Kansas secretary of state's office last week.

The following is a list of the campaign contributions for candidates in Tuesday's three primaries for Lawrence seats in the Kansas House.

45th District, Republican

  • Tom Sloan's campaign received $3,850 during the reporting period.

Individual contributors were Marvin J. Curtis, Houston, Tex., $500; John C. Peterson, Topeka, $50; Thomas J. Sloan, Cortland, N.Y., $500; Edna Sloan, Cortland N.Y., $500; John M. McGrew, Lawrence; $50; Chris Miller, Lawrence, $100; Joseph T. Collins, Lawrence, $50; Margaret O. Perdue, Topeka, $50; Robert L. Rives, Wichita, $50; Nelson L. Krueger, Lawrence, $100; Daniel J. Monti Jr., Newtonville, Md., $100; Harold Sattler, Lawrence, $50; Jean and Larry D. Martin, Lawrence, $50.

Political action committees contributing were Kansas Dental Political Action Committee, Topeka, $100; AG-PACK, Topeka, $200; Kansas Medical Action Committee, Topeka, $300; Western Resource Employer PAC (affiliated with KPL), $200; Kansas Amoco PAC, Shawnee Mission, (affiliated with Standard Oil of Indiana) $300; Pete McGill and Associates, Topeka, $100; Kansas Contractors Assn. PAC, $500.

He reported $96 in in-kind contributions. There were $75 in brochures and ad designs from Sue Henke, Topeka, and $21 in stakes for political signs from Brian Kubota, Lawrence.

  • Wesley Glenn's campaign received $1,976.26 for the reporting period.

All of his money came from loans he made to his campaign.

46th District, Republican

  • Eric Schmidt's campaign received $1,120 during the reporting period.

Individual contributors were Eric Schmidt, $100; Susan Smith, Lawrence, $100; Morning Star, Lawrence, $125; Colonia Two, Lawrence, $125; Walter Myers, Baldwin, $60; Don M. Burman, Lawrence, $250; John Repine, Overland Park, $100; Karyl Graves, Lawrence, $60; and $200 of unitemized contributions of $50 or less.

He received $3,190.45 in in-kind contributions from himself for mailings, printings, posters, yard signs, photos, postage and thank you cards and $35 in unitemized in-kind contributions.

  • Clenece Hills campaign received zero contributions during the period except for an in-kind contribution from the Douglas County Republican Party of a list of registered Republicans in the 46th District, valued at $35.

46th District, Democratic

  • Troy Findley's campaign received $3,085 during the reporting period.

Individual contributors were Tanya Dorf, Topeka, $100; Terry Nichols, Topeka, $100; Virginia Findley, Lawrence, $50; Troy Findley, Lawrence, $100, $900; Steve Lopes, Lawrence, $100; Velda Duette, Topeka, $50; Jeff Bottenberg, Lawrence, $50; Jessie Branson, Lawrence, $50; Paula Martin, Lawrence, $50; Myles Schachter, Lawrence, $50; Hortense Oldfather, Lawrence, $50; Patricia Hackney, Lawrence, $100; Lawrence Tenopir, Topeka, $50; Michael Tom Sawyer, Wichita, $50; James Sparkes, Lawrence, $100; James Parrish, Topeka, $50; Paul Davis, Lawrence, $100; Dan Owen, Oskaloosa, $50; Bruce Kent, Salina, $100; Steve Magee, Carbondale, $50; and an in-kind contribution of $72.31 for food, beverages and supplies for a fund-raising event from Paul and Virginia Findley, Lawrence.

  • Richard Small's campaign received $255.39 during the reporting period.

Individual contributors were Mary Gray, Lawrence, $10; and Richard Small, $245.39.

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