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July 27, 1994


Reports show the financial ammunition candidates have fired in their primary election battles.

If campaign spending means anything, the hottest local primary election is the Republican battle for the Kansas House's 45th District seat.

Republicans Tom Sloan and Wesley Glenn together have spent $3,875.59 in their contest to see who gets to face incumbent Democrat Forrest Swall in the Nov. 8 general election.

In contrast, Republican and Democratic primary candidates for an open Statehouse seat from East Lawrence are being much more thrifty -- candidates have spent less than $1,000 in each race.

Candidates filed spending and contribution reports this week with the Kansas Commission on Governmental Standards and Conduct. The reports covered the period from Jan. 1 to July 21.

Russell Getter, a Kansas University associate professor of political science and government, said he wasn't surprised by the disparity in spending.

"One should note that not all districts are the same," Getter said. He said candidates in rural areas, such as the 45th District, often choose to use yard signs and direct mail more than candidates in urban areas, such as the 46th District, where going door-to-door is easier.

As of Monday, Sloan, a Lawrence sheep farmer, had spent $2,482.88 on his campaign and had $1,367.12 left with a week to go before the GOP 45th District primary.

The district includes western Douglas Counties and several Lawrence neighborhoods, including North Lawrence, Pinckney, Indian Hills and parts of Old West Lawrence and Prairie Meadows neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, Glenn, who lives just east of Big Springs and works at Goodyear in Topeka, had spent $1,392.71 on his effort, his report showed. Glenn had $583.55 in his account.

Swall, who has no primary opposition, has spent $1,057.21 with $2,517.79 on account.

Not near as much money has been spent on the race for the 46th District Kansas House seat being vacated by Democrat Betty Jo Charlton. The district covers mostly eastern Lawrence.

Republican Eric Schmidt, a stockbroker, has spent $847.68 and had $272.32 left in his campaign account. Fellow Republican Clenece Hills, a South Junior High School teacher who said she would accept no contributions, has spent $138. Her campaign reported no cash at the end of the filing period.

In the Democratic 46th District primary, Troy Findley, who works for the state Democratic Party, had spent $529.71 with $2,555.29 remaining. Fellow Democrat Richard F. Small, a construction worker, had spent $245.39 and had $10 remaining.

Meanwhile, Rep. Barbara Ballard, D-Lawrence, who has no opposition in the primary or the general elections, spent $402.40 with $1,405.13 left in her account. Ballard represents the 44th District, which covers most of western Lawrence.

Candidates running for the 1st District seat on the Douglas County Commission have done little besides raise money for their Nov. 8 election, reports show.

Incumbent Republican Mark Buhler spent $9.50 and had $2,415 left. Democrat Lisa Blair spent no money and had $615 in her campaign account.

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