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July 16, 1994


Lanaea Heine, coordinator of the Roger Hill Volunteer Center, came in search of information.

Orville Poppe, operations manager of the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center, came to scope out the selection and quantities of paints and cleaning supplies.

All Merle Mitchell wanted was 15 gallons of light tan paint for a Douglas County public works project.

Information and paint was dispensed Friday during the first-ever waste exchange open house at the Lawrence-Douglas County Household Hazardous Waste collection facility in the Douglas County public works yard, 711 E. 23rd.

The facility will reopen today for the second monthly hazardous waste drop-off.

Items collected last month that could be recycled -- latex paint, varnishes, automotive fluids, cleaning supplies and building materials -- are available to local governments or non-profit organizations for free, but organizations need to schedule an appointment with the city recycling office by calling 832-3330.

Heine wasn't looking for items for the volunteer center when she visited the open house.

She'll be able to advise community agencies and groups about the availability of paints and other supplies she saw at the facility.

"One of the things the agencies ask is, we have these project ideas but we can't afford the materials," Heine said. "This will be a nice complement."

By using donated supplies, the agencies will be able to direct their limited funds to other uses, she said.

"We hope to promote the idea that this is a source for them," she said.

Paint and cleaning supplies would top Poppe's list, although the latter seemed to be in short supply at the waste collection facility, he said.

"Paint will probably be the most useful item," he said. "We've always got some painting project. With what paint costs, we'll save quite a bit."

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