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July 16, 1994


Dick Patterson, an associate principal at Topeka High School, has been selected as a new assistant principal at Lawrence High School.

Patterson will fill the vacancy left by Ted Juneau, who is the new principal at Central Junior High School.

LHS Principal Brad Tate announced Patterson's selection Friday.

"He's got great experience. He's done his job for a number of years," Tate said. "Everyone at Topeka High School, from teachers to administrators, credit him with a lot of good things."

Patterson, 54, has been associate principal at Topeka High School since 1984. Patterson is on vacation and was unavailable for comment.

Tate said there were more than 50 applicants for the position, four of whom were interviewed.

Patterson will be one of four assistant principals at LHS.

Trish Bransky is assistant principal for curriculum and instruction. Mike Browning oversees the sophomore class. Charles Parks oversees the junior class, and Patterson will oversee the senior class.

That means he'll handle discipline for the class and will oversee senior activities, including homecoming.

Tate said Patterson will start working at LHS on July 25.

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