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July 6, 1994


A fire apparently sparked by gas buildup in green hay destroyed a barn Tuesday about 12 miles southwest of Lawrence.

Douglas County sheriff's officers said the fire was reported about 6:30 p.m. at the Flory Dairy Farm, 635 E. 626 Rd.

Randy Flory, a member of the family that operates the farm, said today that the family was eating supper when it noticed smoke coming from the barn. He said he and his son ran to the barn and pulled a few pieces of equipment out before flames and heat became too intense for them to enter the building.

"It wasn't five minutes before that the whole building was engulfed because of the hay," Flory said.

Flory said the barn was used primarily for hay storage, although some equipment was stored there.

Sheriff's officers reported that the fire destroyed numerous items in the barn, including 75 bales of hay, a dump truck, a trailer and an irrigation pump. Damage was listed on a sheriff's report at $118,000.

Flory and Sheriff's Lt. Don Schwartz said they thought green hay may have caused the blaze. Schwartz said that as it decomposes, green hay produces a combustible mixture of heat and gases.

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