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January 18, 1994


People can request assistance from the American Red Cross in contacting loved ones in the region of the California earthquake.

The organization also is accepting donations for earthquake victims.

People can call the Douglas County chapter of the American Red Cross at 843-3550 if they want assistance inquiring about loved ones.

"If they had to leave their homes, they may have registered at a Red Cross shelter," said Jo Byers, director of the local chapter. "If people are in hospitals, we can find that out, too."

Starting Wednesday, the national Red Cross will have a satellite link-up to the earthquake region. In the meantime, Byers said, ham radio operators have helped five local people determine the whereabouts of their loved ones.

Byers said people requesting assistance should provide the name, address, telephone number and place of employment of the person they're trying to contact. Other forms of identification would be helpful as well.

Byers said the local Red Cross is accepting only monetary donations at present. Checks should be made out to the American Red Cross and indicate on the front that they are for California earthquake relief.

The checks can be sent to the American Red Cross, 2120 W. 25th Street, Lawrence, 66047.

"We're not taking goods in kind at this point. We don't know what's needed yet," Byers said. "With the transportation problems that they have there, it would be pretty hard to get anything in.

"Besides, those things will probably come from places closer to California than we are."

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