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January 6, 1994


The city is warning residents who don't want frozen or broken pipes in the near future to take adequate steps.

And a local heath department official says people also can take steps to keep warmer and safer in cold spells.

"The last few winters we haven't had too many broken pipes, but we haven't had any real long cold periods either," said Kevin Hiskey, assistant director of finance for the city.

But, he said, sometimes city workers have had lots of repairs to do. "It's all relative to how cold it gets. In the past, we've had people out for three days, 24 hours a day. I hope it doesn't happen this weekend."

The forecast is calling for considerably colder weather, beginning tonight, when the temperature is expected to drop to 5. Friday's high is expected to be 13 degrees; Saturday's low may be below zero.

The city recommends the following for preventing freezing water problems:

  • Remove garden hoses from outside faucets.
  • Do not remove water meter tile lids, as this can cause the meter to freeze and break in cold weather.
  • Make sure water pipes in unheated crawl spaces are insulated.
  • Leave cabinet doors open under sinks to allow warm air to reach water pipes.
  • When leaving for an extended period of time, leave heat on in your home so the inside pipes won't freeze and break.
  • Each household member should know where the inside shut-off valve is in case an interior water line breaks. Turning off the shut-off valve immediately can reduce the amount of water damage caused by broken lines.

Barbara Schnitker, a nurse at the local health department, said that in cold weather, people should dress in layers, avoid drinking alcohol, keep their heads covered and stay inside as much as possible.

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