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February 23, 1994


Despite flooding and torrential rains, Douglas County farmers harvested about 92 percent of the wheat acreage planted last year.

The yield per acre, however, was far below the state average yield, according to the 1993 wheat production report from the Kansas Agricultural Statistics.

The report said that of the 17,000 acres of wheat planted in Douglas County, 15,700 acres were harvested and the average yield was 21.6 bushels per acre. The county's total production was 338,600 bushels. The average yield in the state was 35 bushels per acre, and the state's '93 wheat harvest totaled 388.5 million bushels.

Garry Keeler, agriculture agent with the Douglas County Extension Office, blamed unfavorable weather for the county's low production level.

Overall, Douglas County produces little of the state's wheat crop, Keeler said.

Keeler said he's not ready to make predictions about this year's crop.

"It's too early for me to tell," he said. "Everybody guesses. It would depend on how much moisture we get this spring."

The 1993 Kansas wheat harvest was up about 7 percent from the 1992 level.

Sumner County again took the title as the leading wheat producer in the state with 12.7 million bushels. Reno County came in second with 9.8 million bushels, followed by Finney County with 9.7 million bushels.

Following are the wheat production results for neighboring counties.

  • Jefferson: 15,000 acres planted; 8,900 acres harvested; 23.4 bushels per acre; 208,300 bushels produced.
  • Leavenworth: 12,000 acres planted; 11,400 acres harvested; 22.9 acres per bushel; 261,400 bushels produced.
  • Franklin: 20,000 acres planted; 14,500 acres harvested; 25.1 bushels per acre; 364,100 bushels produced.

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