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February 16, 1994


A new law that went into effect Tuesday did not force the Lawrence Humane Society to kill any of the cats living at its shelter for abandoned, stray and unwanted animals.

Renee Harris, the shelter's manager, said the shelter had 26 cats Tuesday morning, including five kittens living with their mother.

New state regulations that went into effect require cat cages at least 24 inches high. Only 21 of the shelter's 75 cat cages meet the new requirement.

Two weeks ago the shelter at 1805 E. 19th had nearly 40 cats waiting to be adopted. But since then some have been adopted by new owners.

The cat population at the shelter typically declines in winter -- when the dog population peaks -- and picks up again in spring and summer, Harris said.

"We're going to start receiving more animals," Harris said. "We need to get prepared while we're in a lull."

Harris said the shelter needs at least 45 new cat cages that cost about $250 each.

Last year about a third of the 2,400 dogs and 2,500 cats that came into the shelter were put to death because they were either too sick to adopt or because they were not adopted after at least two weeks at the shelter. The rest were either adopted or, if strays, returned to their owners.

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