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August 28, 1994


For the past three days, John Gosset has been immersed in Kansas University basketball history.

Gosset, director of the Naismith International Basketball Centre near Almonte, Ontario, Canada, traveled to Lawrence to attend Saturday's ceremonies dedicating a memorial to Dr. James Naismith. Naismith was born Nov. 6, 1861, near Almonte.

Gosset said he enjoyed getting acquainted with the town where Naismith spent his final 39 years. And Gosset was able to do research on Naismith at the Elizabeth M. Watkins Community Museum and KU's Spencer Research Library.

The Almonte center, which includes the Naismith farm, opened about a year ago. It is hoped, Gosset said, that the center will offer conference facilities through the YMCA and a basketball training center.

Gosset already is planning a return trip to Lawrence, one that will include a KU home basketball game.

The memorial to Naismith, the inventor of basketball, was dedicated at Memorial Park Cemetery, 1517 E. 15th, where Naismith was buried in 1939.

"This is a beautiful tribute," Gosset said. "It's very impressive. I think someone should see it live, rather than through a photograph, to grasp the magnitude and beauty of it."

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