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April 29, 1994


Plan '95, the city's comprehensive plan, should be updated with amendments as significant changes are made in zoning, the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning commission decided Wednesday night.

An annual review done by the planning staff found that portions of Plan '95 are no longer current and viable because of zoning and land-use decisions made during the last year, the commission was told.

Linda Finger, senior planner, said that in the future, if the commission makes significant changes in zoning that are not included in the plan, then the plan should be amended to keep it current as a guiding tool.

Finger also pointed out that there were several areas in the plan that are no longer current and viable. Those include a rule of thumb used to determine an appropriate ratio of commercial to residential development.

Commissioner Max Entrikin suggested the commission monitor work being done on Horizon 2020 and use some of its proposals to amend Plan '95's gray areas, such as the rule of thumb.

Finger also said the database of information on land use contained in Plan '95 is no longer accurate.

Bobbie Flory, who chairs the commission, said the commission plans to look over a memo next month to ask the Lawrence City Commission to fund a new database.

After approving Plan '95 for another year, the commission also reviewed and approved as current and viable the Douglas County Guide Plan 1976-2000 and the Clinton Reservoir Area Mini-Comprehensive Plan.

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