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October 21, 1993


Police took more than 1,000 hits of LSD off the streets Wednesday when two men were arrested in a park near Lawrence High School.

A uniformed patrol officer was credited today for seizing 1,207 doses of LSD from two men, ages 27 and 21, about 4:45 p.m. at Veteran's Park. It was one of the city's biggest LSD seizures ever, authorities said.

Police Sgt. Rick Nickell said officer Sean Brown was on patrol near LHS when a woman approached him and said she had seen two men in the park who "appeared to be engaged in drug activity."

Brown approached the men, who split up. The officer stopped the men, questioned them and found that they were carrying what appeared to be LSD.

Nickell said it was rare for a uniformed officer to carry out such a large-scale bust.

"I'd say it's unusual," he said. "It doesn't happen every day to an officer on patrol."

The 27-year-old man, whose address was not listed on Douglas County Jail records, was carrying 1,197 hits of LSD and $1,904 in cash, police reported. The other man, police said, was carrying 10 hits of the drug.

Both men remained in jail on LSD-related charges today awaiting court appearances.

The doses were valued together on a police report at $6,035, or $5 a hit.

Douglas County Assistant Dist. Atty. Rick Trapp, the county's lead drug prosecutor, said the bust was among the biggest he had ever seen.

"I don't think it's the largest," he said. "The drug unit recalls one a couple of years ago with 1,700 hits. But it's certainly one of the largest."

The park, which is directly northeast of LHS, is bordered by 19th, 18th, Louisiana and Ohio streets. Lawrence High students park in slots on the park's eastern edge and sometimes gather there after school.

Neither police nor school officials knew whether the men had sold LSD to LHS students.

"Naturally, it concerns us if it's going on near or on campus," said Brad Tate, LHS principal. "I probably will try to find out if there's any connection at all (to the high school) or any reason to be concerned."

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