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October 15, 1993


Residents of the Sunset Hills Neighborhood Assn. are kicking around a new way to keep drivers from cutting through their neighborhood.

Close part of its busiest street.

"Whatever it takes, that's what we have to do," said Carolynn Crawford, chair of the neighborhood association's land-use committee. "We'd like to make it very inconvenient to cut through the neighborhood."

Crawford plans to pitch the idea to Lawrence city commissioners Tuesday night: Close Crestline at Moundview Drive, north to Sixth Street.

The closure would give the Cadillac Ranch, 2515 W. Sixth, more room for parking, she said, while forcing cut-through traffic to find a new way south to 15th Street.

Then again, it also could force traffic one block east, to Rockledge Road, where residents might face the same high-traffic problems.

"The only way you can do this is through open discussion," Crawford said, "but it certainly would solve our problem."

Crawford and others will be given a chance to talk about the idea during Tuesday's city commission meeting, which begins at 6:35 p.m. in the city commission meeting room at city hall, Sixth and Massachusetts.

During the meeting, commissioners will consider several recommendations from the Traffic Safety Commission, which last month analyzed traffic-control requests from the neighborhood association.

One was recommended for approval: installing an all-way stop at Crestline and Oxford Road. Besides making cut-throughs to 15th more difficult, Crawford said, the signs would prevent speeding traffic from endangering drivers turning onto Crestline from Oxford.

"That's good for starters," Crawford said. "Let's put that out. Let's see if it helps. If it doesn't, we'll be back."

Here's Tuesday's agenda:

@sc7.5: Commissioners will proclaim:

  • Oct. 23-24 to as "Octoginta Weekend."

On the consent agenda, commissioners will consider:

  • Minutes from previous meetings of the commission and various other commissions, committees and boards.
  • Payment of city bills.
  • A drinking establishment license for Louise's West, 1307 W. Seventh.
  • Setting 2 p.m. Nov. 2 as the deadline for street, storm sewer and water line improvements in the Colonial Place subdivision.
  • An ordinance, on the second of three readings, making a technical correction to the city's franchise agreement with KPL/Western Resources. The agreement allows KPL to use city land for power lines and related equipment.
  • An ordinance, on first reading, changing eligibility requirements for appointees to the Aviation Advisory Board: removing the limit on the number of pilots who can serve and removing the two-term limit for members.
  • Site plans for: Danny's Convenience Store, 3300 W. Sixth; Cross Bridge Auto Inc., 317 N. Second; Parkway 6000 Townhomes, at the southeast corner of Turnberry and Wakarusa drives; a carport at Colony Woods Apartments, 1301 W. 24th; and Willie C's Restaurant, at Sixth and Vermont streets, south of the railroad tracks.
  • Authorizing an agreement with the federal government for having the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers repair damage to the Kansas River levee left by summer flooding. The corps would repair scours, clean ditches and reseed grass.
  • The following Traffic Safety Commission recommendations: support E 1750 Road (Noria Road) and N 1500 Road as acceptable bike routes; deny a request to prohibit parking on Wisconsin Street between Second Street and Second Street Terrace; remove parking on both sides of Oregon Street between 27th and 28th streets; and remove parking on the south side of 11th Street, east 65 feet from the east curb of Louisiana Street.
  • Authorize a $9,500 contract with Landplan Engineering, Lawrence, for engineering new left-turn signals at 23rd Street and Ousdahl Road.

On the regular agenda, commissioners will:

  • Sell $1.41 million in temporary notes to finance various public works projects, including $89,000 for sidewalks, $118,000 for traffic signals and $402,000 for repairs to a giant hole in North Second Street.
  • Consider adopting a draft of the Downtown Lawrence Development Study. Discussion of the study was deferred from last Tuesday's meeting. The study, approved by the Lawrence-Douglas County Planing Commission, offers several ideas for redeveloping downtown, particularly areas along New Hampshire Street. A new zoning district could help solve parking shortages downtown, the report said. Commercial development should not, however, expand past downtown's existing footprint, which covers nine blocks bounded by Sixth, 11th, Vermont and Rhode Island streets, plus an alley south of Ninth between New Hampshire and Rhode Island streets, the report said.
  • Receive a staff report concerning the federal cable act of 1992. Commissioners could decide whether to apply for a special designation from the Federal Communications Commission, which would allow the city to regulate monthly cable rates if Sunflower Cablevision's rates were higher than an FCC-identified benchmark. Currently, Sunflower's rates are below the benchmark, and thus not open to city regulation. Discussion of the report was deferred from Tuesday's meeting.
  • Conduct a public hearing on a request for a license to sell cereal malt beverages at the proposed Replay Lounge, 946 Mass., which is within 400 feet of a church.
  • Review a "request for proposal" for coordinated public transportation services. Commissioners would ask for ways to spend $100,000 next year for expanding public transportation in Lawrence. Applications would be due in the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Office by 5 p.m. Nov. 30.
  • Consider a request from Ted Hite for use of city land to access a planned private hangar at Lawrence Municipal Airport. Hite wants to build a hangar on the west side of the airport, but not on city property, and is asking the city for access to the airport. "I would not want to be fenced out," he said, in a letter to commissioners. In a memo to the commission, Rod Bremby, assistant city manager, said staff recommended denying the request. "The site would not be subject to city control of activities or conditions," Bremby said. Hite said he wanted to build a hangar because his plane has been damaged twice by hail and high winds.
  • Concur with several Traffic Safety Commission recommendations related to requests from the Sunset Hills Neighborhood Assn.: deny an all-way stop at Harvard Road and Centennial Drive; deny closing Orchard Lane east of Crestline Drive; deny restricting left turns from Orchard onto Iowa; install a stop sign on Orchard at Oxford Road; deny an all-way stop at Crestline and University Drive; install an all-way stop at Crestline and Oxford Road; remove 30-mph speed limit signs along Oxford and University, which would not change the speed limits; deny reducing speed limits to 25 mph on Harvard, Crestline and Ninth streets; investigate establishing citywide speed limits in all residential areas; and deny making Orchard a cul de sac west of Crestline.

In other action, commissioners will:

  • Discuss the relationship between the East Lawrence neighborhood plan and acquisition of land for the proposed Eastern Parkway.

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