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October 4, 1993


Work crews last week repaved two Sixth Street intersections with a new material designed to improve traction and cost less money, the city's public works director said.

The intersections, at Sixth and Kasold Drive and Lawrence Avenue, were overlayed with 1/4-inch layers of emulsified asphalt untried on Lawrence roads until this summer, said George Williams, director of public works.

The pavement is designed to seep into small cracks and fill ruts caused by braking vehicles at busy intersections, Williams said.

Cars will have better traction during rain storms, he said, because the material is more porous, allowing oil dropped from cars to seep down rather than rising to the surface of the road.

The material also is cheaper than conventional asphalt, Williams said, because less of it is needed.

"We're trying to stretch the dollar," he said.

The material is "cut," or mixed, with water rather than gasoline or other substances. Excess water often rises to the surface during installation, Williams said, but does not lead to freezing problems during the winter months.

The pavement also has been scheduled for use on runways at Lawrence Municipal Airport, a frontage road north of 31st and Iowa streets, and in patches on Bullene Avenue and LaSalle Street in East Lawrence.

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