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November 13, 1993


A public hearing Monday will give people a glimpse of what could develop along Lawrence's southern edge.

A list of proposed planning policies would allow for new Target and Payless Cashways stores on South Iowa Street, but reject a rumored J.C. Penney, a city planner said.

The policies, part of continuing work toward a southern development plan, would constrict commercial development to two "nodes" on Iowa Street -- at the "immediate" intersections with 31st Street and the South Lawrence Trafficway.

Allowing a J.C. Penney's at 33rd and Iowa would "not receive a recommendation" based on the current proposals for the southern development plan, said Linda Finger, a city-county planner. She's working on the plan with members of the executive committee of the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission.

"33rd Street is not identified as a node where commercial could occur," Finger said. "I think (J.C. Penney is) waiting to see what we do with the plan."

The plan's proposed policies will face public review during a hearing at 7 p.m. Monday, in the city commission meeting room at city hall, Sixth and Massachusetts.

Once adopted by the Lawrence City Commission, the policies will guide residential, commercial and industrial growth in an area bordered by Kasold Drive, 31st Street, Louisiana Street and the proposed South Lawrence Trafficway.

So far, the committee of seven planning commissioners has developed a list of 26 policies for inclusion in the plan. The policy suggestions include:

  • Recreational areas in flood plains.
  • Development of research or enclosed light-industrial businesses along the fringes of the plan area.
  • Commercial developments occurring in self-contained areas, each with its own traffic network and buffers of landscaping and land-use.
  • Connecting public lands, such as parks, with bike paths along the trafficway.
  • Buying land for neighborhood recreation areas.

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