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November 12, 1993


Tragic incident in Wisconsin should be a lesson for all college football fans.

A tragic incident following a University of Wisconsin football game a couple of weeks ago has triggered a word of warning at Kansas State University that should be heeded by football fans in every university stadium.

On Oct. 30, 80 fans were injured, seven critically, after Wisconsin beat the University of Michigan and fans poured onto the field to celebrate the victory. Fans were crushed against fences and on the ground during the stampede.

Partially in preparation for Saturday's game against the University of Missouri, KSU officials sent letters last week to fraternities, sororities and residence halls asking fans to stay off the field after the game and not to destroy property. Wildcat fans tore down goalposts following victories over Kansas University and the University of Oklahoma this season. The Missouri game is particularly important because a KSU victory would ensure the school's first bowl bid ever.

Such an event would surely be exciting for KSU fans, but they and all other college football fans should learn from the Wisconsin incident that such frenzies can be dangerous and even deadly.

Enjoy victory, but keep it safe.

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