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November 9, 1993


I work downtown, and I have a problem. I park in a two-hour parking zone and get at least one ticket every day. The nearest city parking lot for downtown employees is a block and a half away. I don't like to use it because it's too far and it's scary to walk there when it's dark after work. What's a person to do?

Although City Manager Mike Wildgen said it was a matter of personal opinion, he did offer a few options:

  • Park in the 10-hour employee lots, on Vermont and New Hampshire streets. "A block and a half is not unreasonable, in my opinion."
  • Keep parking in the two-hour customer lots. "That's part of our problem now. Most people think a dollar a day (for the parking ticket) is pretty cheap parking."
  • If safety is a concern, walk with several fellow employees to each others' cars.

All downtown parking lots are lighted, as are downtown streets. New lights have been installed around the Lawrence Public Library. Police patrol downtown on foot and by bicycle. The Law Enforcement Center is downtown, at 11th and New Hampshire streets.

"I don't think it's that bad," Wildgen said.

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