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November 7, 1993


Citizen input to the Strawman Plan is crucial if Horizon 2020 is to be a successful guide for Lawrence and Douglas County's growth in the next 25 years, organizers say.

About 150 residents showed up at the last Horizon 2020 community forum, and Jean Milstead, chairman of the Horizon 2020 steering committee and a member of the Lawrence/Douglas County Planning Commission, said she hopes for a similar turnout this time.

The community forum on the Strawman Plan, the initial blueprint for the Horizon 2020 strategic plan, will begin at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Lawrence High School cafeteria.

The forum will begin with a review of the proposed Strawman Plan and previous reports, and then participants will score the plan's proposed goals and strategies before dividing into "breakout groups" to discuss issues, consultant Graham Toft said.

If only two people want to join the air and rail transportation group but 50 clamor to talk about rural development, so be it, Toft said. "We'll just push a few tables together."

Steering committee members will be present as observers, not participants, Milstead said.

"We're looking for people to act as scribes," she said. "It's hard to write down and partake in the discussion. That's why the steering committee has elected to record the discussions, and we're each supposed to bring a volunteer."

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