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November 7, 1993


Both Kansas and Nebraska fans say they never expected Saturday's exciting performance that left KU two points shy of upending the undefeated Cornhuskers.

At the southeast end of Memorial Stadium, Jayhawk and Cornhusker fans alike stood with their necks craned as they peered to the north end zone.

More than 100 yards away, Kansas University was threatening to go ahead of Nebraska with less than a minute left in the game.

Kansas fans chanted ``Two, two, two,'' after the 80-yard drive that put the score at 21-20 in Nebraska's favor. When the Jayhawks lined up for the two-point conversion, fans in blue roared with approval.

After the failed conversion attempt, Nebraska supporters in the south stands stood stoically amid disappointed Jayhawk fans, looking much more relieved than jubilant.

As the final seconds ticked off the game clock, one lady filing out of the stadium summed up the atmosphere.

``Well, we put the fear of God into 'em, anyway.''

Although happy to come away with the victory, some Nebraska fans said they weren't particularly excited about the game's outcome.

``It kind of almost feels like a loss,'' John Barry, Omaha, said. ``It's kind of too bad you guys didn't win. That was a gutsy call there at the end.''

Barry added that he and his companions were surprised at how close the final score was.

``Lord, no, we didn't think it would be this close,'' he said. ``We thought we'd be leaving in the third quarter and going to the bar.''

'Husker fan Connie Liechti came up from her home in Tulsa, Okla., to see the game. She said she also didn't expect a close contest, but she enjoyed the Jayhawks' last-minute threat because it made the game exciting.

``It was fantastic,'' she said. ``I thought that was really a gutsy play -- they saved Nebraska by not going for the one extra point.''

N.C. Cooper and George McGriggier drove out from Kansas City to cheer for the Jayhawks. They said they didn't think anybody could have predicted that Kansas would come so close to defeating Nebraska.

``Nobody did,'' Cooper said. ``I was looking for a blowout.''

McGriggier said the game was exciting, but he was disappointed with Kansas' play-calling in the final seconds of the contest.

``I thought it was an excellent game -- Kansas should have won,'' he said. ``It was the coaching there at the end that lost it. It wasn't the players that lost it.''

J.O. Hann of Lawrence agreed that the Jayhawks should have won the game. But unlike McGriggier, Hann said he thought the decision to go for the two-point conversion was a good call.

``They lost by the hair of their chinny-chin-chins,'' he said. ``The play didn't work, so some people are calling for Mason's job. But had it been a completed pass, they would have been carrying him off the field.''

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