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May 27, 1993


Q: Why were the swings for older children taken out of South Park and new ones not installed?

A: Rainy weather in the fall and spring and lots of snow and ice last winter have delayed parks and recreation projects, including replacement of the swing set, said Fred DeVictor, director of the city's parks and recreation department.

The department has been removing and replacing hazardous playground equipment, he said.

"That swing set was real old, so it was taken out," he said. "A new set was ordered and is scheduled to go in sometime this summer. It's another one of the deals, weather-wise. Our list is a mile long of projects that need to be done."

Q: Why has the west side of South Park been without lights for probably six to nine months while the east side has nice new lighting? When will the west side of South Park get the new lighting?

A: Once again, blame Mother Nature, Fred DeVictor said.

"We don't like the situation either," he said. "We started digging holes in the fall, but we got caught with bad weather at that time. Then winter set in, and then the spring rains came."

DeVictor said he hopes the west side lighting will be installed by early summer.

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