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May 27, 1993


The Journal-World on Tuesday featured honors, awards and scholarships awarded to graduating Lawrence High School seniors. However, a few honors awarded by local organizations or LHS staff were inadvertently omitted.

Those awards and honors and their recipients are:

The Danforth "I Dare You" Award -- Brad Harker and Kirsten Magnuson.

Kansas State High School Activities Assn. Citizenship Award -- Darian Dulin and Sharyn Lewin.

Cecil Dawes Jr. Memorial Scholarship -- Phillip Berryhill.

Challenge Award -- Nina Blurton.

Kiwanis Memorial Guy Keeler Award -- Katie Chaffee.

Kiwanis Memorial A.E. Woestemeyer Award -- Brian Martin.

Kiwanis Memorial Harold Ingham Award -- Rebecca Coggins.

Kiwanis Memorial Harold Beck Award -- Kara Sundell.

Betty Dobbins Fine Arts Scholarship -- Allan "Matt" Gnagy.

Charmets Social Club Award -- Darian Dulin.

L.R. "Dad" Perry Gymnastics Award -- Cameron DeVictor.

Rachel Corbett Excellence Award -- Brian Reusch.

Masonic Lodge No. 9 Essay Contest Award -- Matt Nielsen.

Masonic Lodge No. 6 Essay Contest -- Stephanie Schmidt.

Lynn Leban Memorial Award -- Erin Shoulberg.

Bill and Gunnar Zimmerman Motivational Award -- Kitty Steffens.

Troy Tate Memorial Award -- David Weroha.

Aid Association for Lutherans Scholarship -- Jeff Bartels.

Army R.O.T.C., Kansas University -- Diana Kuykendall.

Navy R.O.T.C., Kansas University -- Amy Faler.

Graduation will be at 7:30 p.m. Sunday at Kansas University's Memorial Stadium.

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