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May 7, 1993


Reports on soil samples taken from underneath Wescoe Hall in March will be delayed so a consultant can run additional tests, a Kansas University administrator said today.

"I got a call earlier this week from the consultant, and in reviewing the lab reports and finalizing the written portion of the report, they have a couple items they would like to go back and run some additional lab tests on," said Jim Modig, director of facilities planning. "They asked for another two-week extension to run tests and get results."

The university is trying to determine why the floor slab under Wescoe's southeast corner has been rising and causing walls to crack, floors to slope and ceiling tiles to droop. University officials have monitored the 19-year-old building's movement since 1985.

Holes were cut in the floor of the four-story humanities building during spring break so soil samples could be taken.

Modig said the consultant's delay will not pose any problems for the facilities planning office.

"The test results will tell us what we need to do," he said. "If it requires funding to do the work, we have to get a request in to the Board of Regents for that. For fiscal year 95, that would be July 1 of '94, those requests for that kind of work go in in November for review and consideration."

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