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May 7, 1993


To the editor:

I am quite disturbed by the plight of an exemplary hometown business at the hands of the community that should be fostering such enterprises. I am referring to Wright's Wallcovering, a small family-owned and run business which now lies in the path of the turn lane into a new Wal-Mart. Some of my nine rooms of their wallpaper date back to when they were in an ''incubator'' location in the small shops behind Food-4-Less. they prospered and then made use of an abandoned and unsightly building to establish the comfortable and adequate place they have today.

It is no wonder to me that they have achieved this. It is a pleasure to shop in an atmosphere where the clerk is genuinely helpful and knows the merchandise. It seems ironic that their livelihood is being threatened by a business that is extolled for similar attributes: a small beginning with growth due to good management and devotion to providing well-priced merchandise in a friendly atmosphere.

How is it that the city can allow Wal-Mart to command so much of the city's resources in the way of expensive intersection and traffic signals? How is it that with all that space, a locally owned small business can be so casually ''designed'' out of existence?

I have no connection with Wright's Wallcovering except as a satisfied customer, but I am outraged at this assault and I think it could be avoided.

Mary P. Miller,

1709 Ind.

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