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May 4, 1993


To the editor:

I encourage all feminists who believe that nude dancing degrades women to search their hearts. Have you accepted the anti-woman belief that women's bodies are obscene? A woman's nude body is beautiful, not disgusting. A woman's choice to express her sexuality as she chooses, including by dancing nude, belongs only to her.

Feminists do not support women's rights when we adopt the patronizing attitude that women are incapable of making their own decisions. Women's rights means not, ''Women are free to choose what I want them to choose,'' but ''Women are competent, intelligent beings, free to make even decisions I would not make for myself.''

City Commissioner Jo Andersen suggests that feminists protest Juicers, the nude bar, by entering and observing. I believe that feminists should certainly experience nude entertainment first hand. Talk to the dancers about their work and listen to their answers. I believe most will come to respect these women's right to choose their own jobs, and their own expressions of sexuality.

If we don't support women's choices in employment, sexual preference and self-expression, we all lose. Next time, society could decide that our lifestyles, opinions, or choices are dangerous and must be suppressed. Remember one of the rallying cries of the women's movement -- ''Keep your laws off our bodies!'' the rights we must protect belong not only to nude dancers, but to all women.

Cindy Harmon-Jones,

1322 Mass.

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