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March 23, 1993


Q: Why does the city have a leash law when it doesn't seem to enforce it. We've called animal control several times because of a problem with a neighbor's dog getting into our fenced yard. The dog keeps showing up. Finally we called the police, and they said animal control can't go onto private property to take the dog away. What good is having the law?

A: Lawrence Police Lt. Mike Reeves said the leash law only applies to the downtown business district or city parks. Otherwise, dogs must be "under an owner's control" while off of the owner's property. Although police are not allowed to venture onto private property, Reeves said, officers are authorized to issue a citation if they see the animal at large and are able to locate the owner. Private citizens may also file a complaint against a pet owner whose dog is roaming without supervision, he said. However, any complaint must be followed with testimony in court, he said.

Q: I live in Jefferson County, and every day I drive into Lawrence then go back out on the highway toward the Douglas-Jefferson County Landfill. The trucks that go to the landfill lose an awful lot of trash. Shouldn't there be cleanup weekly, or at least twice a month?

A: Charles Sedlock, general manager of the Hamm Jefferson-Douglas County Landfill, said keeping the trash picked up is the responsibility of the drivers hauling it to the landfill.

"We advocate getting out and cleaning it as often as possible," he said.

Bob Yoos, Lawrence superintendent of solid waste, said the Douglas County public works office handled the cleanup until about two weeks ago, when the city and county agreed to work together to keep the highway litter-free.

"We'll try to do it once a month or every six weeks," he said, adding the next cleanup is set for Friday.

Yoos said workers encountered difficulties cleaning trash out of the ditches during snowy and muddy conditions. In fact, a cleanup scheduled for last Friday was canceled because of Thursday night's sleet.

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