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March 13, 1993


To the editor:

The residents of Kanwaka Township are very upset that the Killough Company is putting an asphalt plant in the quarry off of 700E. We don't understand how Douglas County would allow an asphalt plant in a rural residential area.

The emissions from the plant would pollute the air to the point of being a health hazard. Not only the people in the area are at risk but the livestock, crops and wildlife are also in danger. Clinton State Park is approximately a half mile from the plant and the emissions from the plant will not only detract from the recreational part of the lake, but the people of Lawrence are definitely at risk because their tap water will be polluted from the fallout of the asphalt factory. The citizens of Lawrence should be aware that their drinking water is going to be a health hazard so they can help stop the asphalt plant from being built. The Killough Company cannot guarantee that the emissions from the plant will not affect the lake water.

For the people who live in the area, the asphalt plant will create an even more dangerous and unpleasant environment than already exists. It will place an even greater burden on an already poor road that was never intended to support the present volume of traffic let alone the proposed increase. The road 700E is not even wide enough for an eight-foot-wide dump truck to drive down without driving left of center. The quarry truck drivers notoriously exceed the speed limit of 35 mph and usually drive down the center of the road, which leaves an oncoming car always at risk of being driven off the road and getting into an accident.

My neighbors moved out here to live in a country environment. The asphalt emissions will also bring down our property values. We cannot even sell our homes to get out of the area because no one would want to live with the polluted air the asphalt plant will cause. This is my home and I do not want to be driven out by the Killough Company and have to take a deflated price on my home.

The Killough Company shouldn't be allowed to profit at our expense.

Karen Rooman,

Rt. 1, Box 194B

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