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March 9, 1993


Many other colleges or universities have major student talent productions, but it is doubtful any university has a show that surpasses Kansas University's Rock Chalk Revue in the number of students who participate, in the charity aspect of the show, which annually results in the largest single gift to United Way of Douglas County, and in the number of community service hours contributed by the students.

Rock Chalk Revue is a winner in every respect, and all those associated with the student talent show are to be congratulated. Douglas County residents should offer an enthusiastic "thank you" for the more than 16,000 hours of community service provided by the students this year to help various Douglas County projects.

Added to this is the major contribution provided by Rock Chalk Revue to the United Way. Last year's total was $43,000, and Saturday night, at the conclusion of the five-night event, Rock Chalk Revue officers announced an initial pledge of $23,000 to the 1993 United Way drive.

Anyone attending this year's shows, which were held at Lawrence High School, could not help but be impressed by the enthusiasm of the students and the excellent image they present for the university.

Students worked on their various skits for seven months, and those in each act were hopeful their particular presentation would receive one or more of the special recognitions presented after this year's final curtain.

It was refreshing to observe the genuine good sportsmanship exhibited by all the participants. Cast members of one act were quick to applaud and cheer for those in other productions who were cited for their excellence. Through the long hours of working on scripts, the practice sessions, making costumes, the more than 16,000 hours of community service and the formal presentations, the students obviously formed deep bonds and appreciation for the skills, dedication and hard work by all those associated with the show.

Lawrence and Douglas County residents are well aware of the many good things that happen in this city and county because of the presence of KU.

Certainly, one of the major assets is the student body, the positive and stimulating influence of these young men and women and the many fine works and deeds performed by these students.

Rock Chalk Revue offers an excellent example of positive student involvement in the community, and it also provides an excellent and accurate snapshot of a wholesome, enthusiastic and caring student body.

Congratulations and thank you to all those involved in this year's show. All of you are winners.

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