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March 3, 1993


Notice how ties are becoming wider and more colorful? The popularity of the 1960s clothing fashions are also working their way into interior fashions as well.

"We're' moving back to the '60s. Interior fashions are no different than clothing," said Tom Jennings, president of Bud Jennings Carpets, 2851 Iowa. "People's interior fashions tend to recycle."

For example, greens are making a comeback but in a different shade, he said.

"Now the greens are bluer and more of a spruce green compared to the avocado greens of the past," he said. "That goes back to the more natural colors."

Jennings, who will be one of the exhibitors in this weekend's Home and Business Show at Lawrence Riverfront Plaza Factory Outlets, said hardwood floor and ceramic tile are very popular right now.

Jennings said many homeowners are interested in a natural look, and they're interested in carpeting that has natural fibers and colors, such as berber.

"COLOR TRENDS are basically lighter and brighter and away from the darker tones from a a few years ago," Jennings said.

Ceramic tiles are becoming more popular for entryways, dining rooms and kitchens, he said.

"The bathroom is a more important room in many houses," he said.

The use of spas and larger tubs lends itself to tile uses, he said.

People tend to stay with a traditional look in their tile selections, he said.

"It's pretty much a forever purchase. They tend not to follow trends," he said. "Because they are like stone, they tend to be more neutral with long-term colors. . . . For example, you wouldn't want to put green bricks on the front of your house."

Jane Bateman, president of Jane Bateman, the Interiors Store, 2101-B W. 28th Ter., specializes in window coverings and furniture coverings.

"I think the two biggest trends are prints on the windows and prints on the furniture and on the wallpaper and the use of valances," Bateman said. She, too, is an exhibitor in this weekend's home and business show.

VALANCES, which decorate the tops of the windows, come in a variety of swags or balloon valances.

"Years ago we didn't do anything at the top," she said. "Now we're doing really pretty fun things. I think the colors have changed too."

Deeper and brighter tones are now popular, rather than the greys of the recent past, she said.

"Now the colors are clearer and brighter and stronger," she said. "The neutrals tend to be more creamy and yellow . . . In the past they were more into the pinky beige or the grey beige."

Bateman said furniture is moving in the same color direction.

"Lots of time they're coordinating," she said.

She said more people are moving away from a more formal look to their living areas to a more comfortable feel. Homeowners are more interested in moving from the formal, "off-white, shiny, untouchable" feel to "something that is dressy, but is casual and more comfortable."

"They want to be comfortable, they don't want it to be stuffy," she said. "They want it more inviting."

ANOTHER exhibitor in this weekend's show has a different angle on home services.

Doug Marion, owner of Sun-Tint & Detail, 2201 W. 25th, said he provides a service to help homeowners reduce the amount of fading caused by ultraviolet light on their interiors.

He applies solar coating to windows of cars, homes and businesses. Applying the coating reduces the heat and the ultraviolet light that fades carpeting and furniture.

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