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March 3, 1993


Several Lawrence-area communities held primary elections Tuesday to narrow the field of candidates for city council and school board positions. The top two vote-getters for each position will advance to the general election on April 6.

Following are the unofficial final tallies.


Voters were asked to nominate four city council candidates and six school board candidates to advance to the general election.

Eudora City Council: Patrick Dardis, incumbent, 375 votes; Barry Landon, incumbent, 307; Tom Pyle, 232; and Sandi Swisher, 191, will advance to the general election. Danny Ruff was knocked out of the race with 45 votes.

Eudora School Board: Pennie von Achen, incumbent, 419 votes; Carlie Abel, 405; Ernest J. Simon, 381; Calvin Hausman, incumbent, 289; Ken Adkinson, 283; and Gregory A. Neis, 268, will continue in the race for three at-large positions. Candidates who missed the cut were Billy W. Winkle, 168; Connie J. Ford, 166; Brenda S. Clark, 137; and Belinda Rehmer, 93.

Abel said he wasn't surprised to receive the second-highest number of votes in the school board race. "I went door-to-door and hit every house in town," he said.

He said the six candidates advancing to the general election represent both sides of ongoing conflicts that have split the community since 1990 when the old high school was razed and voters defeated a bond issue. He said von Achen, Simon and Neis represent the people satisfied with the school board's actions up to now, while he, Adkinson and Hausman support change and a tighter rein on spending.

Von Achen said she preferred not to comment on any perceived split between the remaining candidates.

"I think this past board has accomplished an awful lot of positive things for the district, and I think the community realizes that," she said.


Only one school board position here required a primary, and voters narrowed the field to two candidates.

Position 4: Robert Funk, incumbent, 31 votes, and Joe Nave, 21 votes, will proceed to the general election. Gerald Kelly was knocked out of the race with 12 votes.


School district voters here nominated two candidates for the general election in both school board positions 4 and 6.

Position 4: Barbara Martin-Thomas, 38 votes, and Terry Bellinger, 13 votes, will be listed on the general election ballot. The other candidates for this position were Dane Hutcherson, who received 11 votes; Rodney McNary, 4 votes; and Larry S. Wilson, 2 votes.

Position 6: Allen D. Wise, 45 votes, and Tom Krebs, 30 votes, will vie for this seat. Keith Schlussler, the third candidate, received six votes.


Primaries were held for all three school board positions up for election in this district.

Position 4: Laurena Seymour received 111 votes and incumbent Denzel Gibbens received 104 and will battle in the general election. Richard Dyer, 23 votes, and Nicholas Olson, 13 votes, missed the cut.

Position 5: Ted Wiles, 119 votes, and Leroy Andrews, 42 votes, will advance. The other candidates were Steve Magner, 26 votes, Patricia Hinze, 21 votes, and Terry Stevens, 20 votes.

Position 6: Don Young, who received 117 votes, and Bill Walker, 98 votes, will be on the general election ballot. Mary Journey and Marvin Torneden, who each picked up 18 votes, were knocked out of the race.


School district voters here were asked to nominate candidates for positions 4 and 6.

Position 4: William Hooker, incumbent, received 101 votes and will face John Sawka, 85 votes, in the general election. The third candidate was William Lee, who received 37 votes.

Position 6: Warren Gfeller, who garnered 77 votes, and Frank Ingels, who won 72 votes, will vie for this position. A third candidate was Jim Shivers, who received 23 votes.


Primary elections were held for a school board position, two council seats, and the position of mayor.

DeSoto School Board Position 6: Robert Friday received 43 votes while James Plummer and Richard J. Brazukas each picked up 42 votes. A spokeswoman for the DeSoto election office said officials will canvass the votes Friday, and if the tie for second place holds up, they will flip a coin to see who advances to the general election.

Other candidates for the position were Larry Meyer, 37 votes, and Jacquelyn Morris, 26 votes.

DeSoto City Council: Terry Zahner received 281 votes, Jim Cannon, 237 votes, John Shultz 149 votes, and Charles Oswalt, 127 votes, will vie for two council seats up for election. Todd Oswald, 89 votes, and Lane Sekavec, 50 votes, were knocked out of the race.

DeSoto Mayor: James Beadle, incumbent, received 352 votes and will face Timothy Maniez, 123 votes, in the general election. Other candidates for the position were Mary Guntert, 60 votes; Tim Thrasher, 24 votes.

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