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June 28, 1993


Police are cautioning local residents to beware of a possible long-distance calling card scam in which a caller asks for telephone calling card numbers.

Merry Squires of Lawrence said she received such a call last week from a man who identified himself as Bob Worthington. The man told her he worked for the Federal Communications Commission.

She said the caller told her that someone had just made several unauthorized overseas calls on her long-distance calling card. He then asked for her card number to verify the calls.

Squires did not give the man her calling card number. Her boyfriend eventually hung up on the caller.

Squires called Lawrence police and her long-distance telephone company, who told her similar incidents have been reported by other residents.

"My concern is the elderly people who may not know what's going on and someone may try to take advantage of them," she said.

Police Lt. Mark Brothers said the incident "sounds like the same old scam, where someone tries to get your calling card number. If you give it out, the next thing you know, you'll have a bunch of long-distance calls show up that you never made," he said.

Brothers said local residents should not give out their calling card numbers, or other information, such as credit card or bank account numbers, to anyone over the telephone.

Squires said her telephone number is unlisted.

"Since my number is unlisted I know they are just dialing randomly," she said.

Brothers said residents should contact police if they have a persistent problem with such calls.

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