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June 22, 1993


The Kansas Board of Regents votes Wednesday on a plan that would raise tuition a minimum of 5 percent for resident undergraduate students at Kansas University in 1994-95.

Under the proposal, the tuition increase would be 9 percent for KU's in-state undergraduates if the 1994 Legislature raises state taxpayer support to regents' universities by at least 3 percent.

The extra tuition money would be used to improve faculty salaries, said Ray Hauke, the board's budget director.

"The goal is to focus additional revenue on the highest priority in the regents system, which is faculty salaries," Hauke said.

Regardless of the Legislature's budget decisions next session, the tuition increase for all KU non-resident undergraduates would be 13 percent. KU School of Medicine students would pay 8 percent more in tuition.

Meanwhile, graduate students at KU would begin paying tuition on a per-credit hour basis. The change would raise graduate tuition a maximum of 25 percent.

Base tuition increases for other regents' universities would be 5 percent for resident undergraduate students at Kansas State and Wichita State and 3 percent at Emporia State, Pittsburg State and Fort Hays State.

If the Legislature comes through with the 3 percent increase in state general fund appropriations, the tuition hike for in-state undergraduates would be 9 percent at KSU and WSU and 5 percent at ESU, PSU and FHSU.

Non-resident undergraduate tuition at all regents' universities would be increased 13 percent.

The tuition package was developed by students, faculty and regents on the board's tuition and fees committee. It would generate $12.9 million in new tuition revenue.

Any increase imposed in 1994-95 would be added to a 10 percent tuition hike for KU's undergraduate students this fall semester.

The board's meeting begins at 1 p.m. in Topeka at the Security Benefit building, 700 S.W. Harrison, Suite 1410.

In other business, regents will discuss fiscal 1995 budget outlines presented by university chief executives. Chancellor Gene Budig will make the pitch for KU.

Regents also will consider a $100,000 management student of KU Medical Center. The project would examine the KU hospital, private practice foundations and academic programs.

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