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June 22, 1993


Fate may have brought Debbie Riedel and Keith Walker together. Fate . . . in the form of KU coach Roy Williams' summer basketball camp.

Walker, a friend of Williams and former assistant coach at Western Carolina, worked the final week of Williams' camp two years ago.

He was introduced to Riedel, Williams' secretary, after studying film in Williams' office. The two were married five weeks ago.

"Keith really enjoys working the camp. He likes working with the kids and visiting with the other coaches," Debbie Walker said.

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@sc: KU sports information director Dean Buchan fully understands the reason Williams' camp is so popular.

As a toddler growing up in North Carolina, he attended several of Tar Heel coach Dean Smith's camps. Needless to say, he had fun.

"I remember when the 1976 Dean Smith camp ended, I cried because I didn't want to go home," Buchan said. "In addition to the camp, the Olympic basketball team trained in Chapel Hill. We'd eat our meals and it'd not be uncommon to sit between Adrian Dantley and Phil Ford, Scott May or Walter Davis."

Buchan said both Smith and Williams' camps are run by able instructors.

"The counselors make kids feel special," Buchan said. "You're not just a number to them. Ninety nine percent of the kids who come here are Kansas fans. Ninety nine percent of those who go to Carolina's camp are Carolina fans. You are in awe the whole time you are there."

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