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June 18, 1993


As far as fishing's concerned, Wayne Medlen's having a pretty good year. Last week, he caught a 20-pound catfish, and then Tuesday he landed a flathead catfish that broke the state record.

Medlen, of Pomona, reeled in a 90-pound catfish while fishing in the spillway at Pomona Lake. The previous state record also was set at the when an angler last summer caught a catfish that weighed 87 pounds, 5 ounces.

"I was so close to the world record, it just makes you sick," he said with a laugh, adding the world record is 91 pounds, 4 ounces.

He did break one world record -- his was the heaviest fish ever caught with a 30-pound test weight line. The 15- to 20-minute battle wasn't easy, though. The fish bent his 6 1/2-foot rod in half at one point and Medlen had to keep playing out the line so the fish wouldn't break it.

"We almost lost him once," he said.

Once he had pulled the fish close to the bank, fellow fishermen Don Haines and Richard McClay helped drag it ashore.

"It was just luck," Medlen said. "Everything's got to go perfect to land one like that."

He said he initially tried to keep the corpulent catfish alive in a tank, but started worrying it would die and spoil before he could salvage it. Now he only has one plan for his big catch -- "Eat it."

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